About Us

The Marin Renaissance is a cultural movement to encourage people to actively pursue their dreams.  We feel there is an abundance of diverse talent and intelligence in Marin that has yet to be realized or put into action.  We want to tap into this potential and provide a medium for the people of Marin to express their talents. 

On this website you will find our main section, “The Renaissance", which highlights the people of Marin doing positive things in their lives and the lives of others. We hope not only to build a foundation of communal support for these individuals,  but also to use their stories to inspire others to pursue their own goals.  

Our Goals

To give you a better idea of what we are trying to accomplish with our website and for the community, here is a list of our goals for 2016:

  • Add regular editorials from all MCAL High Schools to the “Voices” section.
  • Create a Marinwiki– a community resource where you can look up businesses, places, people, from Marin.
  • Establish an annual bike race that starts in Mill Valley and ends at Stinson Beach. All proceeds will go to an outdoor youth club/organization of the winning rider’s choice.
  • Orchestrate art gallery events for local artists to display their work.
  • Establish an annual Marin wide 3 on 3 basketball tournament that benefits MCAL sports.
  • Create programs that allow individuals to work with professionals in areas they are interested in.  Ex. music production.
  • Add another installment to our ‘Marin Mix-tape’ series.

This is just the start.  We believe that with a community-oriented effort and our dedication to success, the Marin Renaissance will continue to evolve as a resource for information and inspiration.